Sponsor Highlight: ElliptiGO

Want to train like Olympian and 2:25 Marathoner Molly Seidel? ElliptiGO has become the new standard for cross-training as it’s the closest simulation to running without impact. In addition to hundreds of professional athletes using ElliptiGO bikes, tens of thousands of weekend warriors are also using this resource to train harder and smarter with less risk of injury.

Sir Walter Running is excited to have ElliptiGO as a sponsor of the Greenway 20k and enjoy partnering with them on several of our events throughout the year. If you are a runner looking to add volume and intensity to your training or simply want to enjoy cross-training outside, there’s really nothing better. To try one yourself, just head over to elliptigo.com and sign up for a test ride in your area.

There are few places better to ride an ElliptiGO than the Capital Area Greenway!

Have questions? Let us know: greenway20k@gmail.com

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