Sponsor Highlight: Wegmans & EPIC PT

There are two main things that every race longer than a 5k needs to be successful; that’s water and volunteers.

We are thankful that Wegmans has been kind enough to supply 2500 individual waters for this years event. You will find six aid stations along the course, as well as the start and the finish, that will be fully stocked with small, individual waters that you will be able to grab that will keep you hydrated, and safe! Learn more about their Raleigh locations here: wegmans.com/stores/raleigh-nc/

And we need volunteers to pass out that water! We are thankful that EPIC PT will be working the aid stations for us. They will keep waters on the edge of the table for you, and will keep the greenway clean!

EPIC Physical Therapy is a family owned, private practice ideally located in North Raleigh at Falls of Neuse and 540. EPICs hands-on techniques facilitate pain relief and functional recovery, and their therapeutic exercise programs will help get you back to where you want to be. Epic Relief. Epic Recovery. Epic Results. More information is available at epicpt.com

Thanks Wegmans and EPIC PT!

Have questions? Let us know: greenway20k@gmail.com

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